Our mission is to connect children and youth to whom and what they need for success in life and school.

The YOU Turns approach

YOU Turns believes that success and hope are different for everyone, and that youth need and deserve authentic, trusting relationships that are caring and motivating. By collaborating with over 40 government departments and community agencies (and counting!), we connect youth to the people and resources they need to feel supported and to live a better life. We let them know they are loved and that they belong.

In 2012 United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB created the YOU Turns initiative in collaboration with community partners and stakeholders. YOU Turns has become a key support option for many parents, schools, and agencies that connect with at-promise youth. YOU Turns currently helps youth by identifying and addressing gaps in service and supports in the Greater Moncton Area, the Tantramar region, Miramichi and St-Louis-de-Kent via three school districts.

Strategic, supportive connections make the difference

Our dedicated Strategic Coordinators build trusting relationships with youth – the first step to connecting them to the supports and services they need. Strategic Coordinators are positive adults who offer a constant and consistent presence in the lives of our youth and serve as links to other caring partners. Youth may be referred by an adult or their peers, or may approach the Strategic Coordinators themselves. Strategic Coordinators often work with young people who refuse services or who are unable to succeed in the existing framework of services and programs.

The Strategic Coordinators have the flexibility to work off-campus and during transition times, including the summer when many youth services tend to drop off. Working with our partners, Strategic Coordinators can propose strategies and initiatives to fill gaps in programming. This innovative team achieves success with those facing the greatest challenges.

They also work with the team at YOU Turns Corridors, which is a collaborative community and district-based alternative education program for high school aged students that have not experienced success or engagement in school-base and other district-based interventions.

YOU Turns Strategic Coordinators and Corridors Manager
Liam Murphy
YOU Turns Provincial Strategic Coordinator and Corridors Manager
Liam Murphy
Andrew Murray
Strategic Coordinator

Moncton High School (MHS)

Chelsey Gray
Strategic Coordinator
Sherrilynn Lackie
Strategic Coordinator

Lewisville Middle School (LMS)

Tracy Lapointe
Strategic Coordinator

Riverview High School (RHS)

Tracy Lapointe
Chloe Mungall
Strategic Coordinator

Riverview Middle School (RMS)

Aaron Shantz
Strategic Coordinator

École Mgr-Marcel-François-Richard (MFR)

Jessica Mees
Strategic Coordinator

North and South Esk

Lead Youth Care Worker
Brittany Beaudin

Strategic Coordinator
Tantramar Regional High School (TRHS)

What are the goals that we have for all young people?

YOU Turns partners are committed to working together to help young people thrive, and they have four main goals or desired outcomes:

  • Young people experience caring, supportive relationships (Developmental Relationships) that help them thrive
  • Young people have opportunities to share power and experiences that challenge them to grow
  • Young people are engaged in constructive use of their time
  • Young people have the skills, services and supports to handle life’s challenges

How do we do our work?

Overarching Principles

  1. Guide and support youth to achieve defined personal success.
  2. Be real, be safe and be there in building relationships with youth and families.
  3. Negotiate opportunities with and for youth to share their vision and to make decisions to strengthen their world.

Operational Principles

  • Create an environment conducive to trust.
  • Listen to learn.
  • Model safe behaviours and establish healthy boundaries.
  • Engage in ways that are meaningful to their experiences.
  • Offer constructive perspectives to negative thought patterns.
  • Be in their corner.